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Image by James Garcia

Porch Swing Soul Care

Our lives tend to be busy.   We put much of our energy toward what we DO.  We seldom take time to simply BE.  Our souls crave a moment to reflect and ponder, a moment to notice and imagine.  Our souls desire to rest in the presence of their Creator.  


If you’ve ever sat on a porch swing, you may recall the multi sensory experience: the wind brushing past your face, the sun warming your skin, the sense of freedom and relaxation as you are held by the wood beneath you, eyes staring off into the distance, allowing your mind to wander, deep and slow breaths as you take in your surroundings.


The Porch Swing community is all about taking a break from our daily doings and spending a good, while just being, on a metaphorical porch swing.  We hope that through our monthly newsletter, healing spaces, and spiritual direction offerings, you too, can rest beside Your Creator on a porch swing.

We are based in New Orleans, LA, but serve people all over the world through virtual platforms.  Contact us here!

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