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Izabela Cormier

Spiritual Director / Worship Leader / Retreat Facilitator

Deacon, Missio Mosaic, AMiA
SD, North Park Univeristy, Chicago

BS, Loyola University, New Orleans




Hey there,

An artist, performer, and daydreamer at heart, after college, I found myself wildly caught up in the gift that is Spiritual Direction, as both a Directee and a Director.  While I still dabble in many areas such as music, digital media, dance, and writing, the area of Spiritual Formation has become my main vocational avenue.

I am an ordained Deacon through Missio Mosaic, a member of the Association of Covenant Spiritual Directors.  and I serve my home congregation through Preaching and Intercessory Prayer.  My training in Spiritual Direction from North Park University was an incredibly formative time.  I appreciate the evocative-contemplative style, exemplified through this program.  


During my 8 years leading congregational worship, I was humbled to learn from some wonderful philosophers and pastor/theologians who shared their time with me in conversation, while I continued to study the Bible during my free time.  My heart was shaped by the sheep in the flock I was a part of leading.  Through this role, I learned to walk with people through all seasons of life, and to get muddy with the sheep. Because of my own story, I have become passionate about trauma-informed, culturally-competent soul care, and desire to witness these models of ministry at work in all areas of church life.

I am a charismatic contemplative, with a high regard for scripture and intentional community.  I am motivated by Jesus' vision of unity for the Church.  I frequently find myself in crossroad spaces, where I work toward unity amongst Jesus' followers, despite denominational differences.  The Way of Jesus will never cease to mystify my mind, challenge my heart, and inspire my body to act in Kingdom ways.  I follow Jesus into the counter cultural paths that lay before me. 

I am particularly interested in accompanying ministers and creatives, as they endeavor to care for their souls, by holding space for them to engage honestly with their Creator, to express their spirituality creatively, and to behold the wonderful beings they are ever becoming.

Ministry Experience

August 2022- Present

August 2020 - July 2022

January 2016 - December 2023

May - July 2015

August 2009 - May 2013

September 2002 - June 2009

Founder & Spiritual Director

Porch Swing Soul Care

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

C. John Weborg Center at North Park Theological Seminary

Chicago, IL

Minister of Worship

at Canal Street Church

New Orleans, LA

Student Intern

at Arrabon

Richmond, VA

BS Music Industry Studies, Religious Studies

Loyola University New Orleans

Performer (Actor, Dancer, Singer, Playwright)

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Modjeska Youth Theater Company

Various Regional Theaters, WI

"Truly transformational knowledge is always personal, never merely objective. It involves knowing of, not merely knowing about. And it is always relational. It grows out of a relationship to the object that is known—whether this is God or one’s self.”

David G. Benner, The Gift of Being Yourself

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