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I'm always struck by the sudden change of air around this time of year. Whether I'm in the Northern part of the U.S., for a traditional Autumn, or in the South, where "cooler weather" means finally dropping below 80 degrees, I seem to notice the wind bringing in the brisk air. Here are some prayerful questions for you to ponder during this seasonal change:

What is God inviting you to release?

To what or whom could you be more present?

What does your soul crave this Autumn?


A Prayer for the Start of the Week by Peter Grieg

Thank You, Father, for the wonder, the beauty and complexity of Your creation. Renew my soul this week to celebrate Your creativity.

Thank You, Jesus, for overcoming the dreariness of sin and making everything new. Renew me this week, I pray, to live almost as beautifully as You.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for inspiring dreams and visions, imagination and innovation. Give me a new mind this week to perceive fresh possibilities in ordinary things.


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