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March 2023

Gratitude is a theme I've been praying through each day, this past month. I've been experiencing a perceived sense of lack in a few different areas of life, and God's Spirit has gently reminded me that "His grace is sufficient" and spurred me on to posture my heart in gratitude. Reminding my soul of God's faithfulness over the years is simple, yet profoundly encouraging. I've even recited the opening of Psalm 23, with the words from the New Living Translation, as they are particularly meaningful to me:

God is my Shepherd, I have everything that I need.


Create Your Own Breath Prayer

A breath prayer is a wonderful tool to add to your prayer toolbox. It can be used at any moment throughout your day, and be particularly approachable when you find yourself feeling anxious, irritable, or lonely. Simply choose a title by which to address God. I like to use an adjective and then a role in a relationship style. For example: Compassionate Friend Next, in a short phrase, ask for what you desire or need, in a petition or request. For example: Remind my soul that You are near

Compassionate Friend

Remind my soul that You are near

Combine your two phrases and use them aloud or in your mind, as you pray. After inhaling, state your first phrase. As you exhale, state the second phrase. Feel free to use my breath prayer above, to get started!

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