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January 2023

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Earlier this month, on a balmy, windy, somewhat sunshiny day, my irritability sky rocketed. My spunky, almost-2-year-old daughter was a force of energy the entire day. I was physically exhausted, emotionally low, and mentally numb. When my husband walked in the door, I informed that I needed to go outside, or I would not make it through the rest of the day. So I drove to a nearby nature trail and just walked. I breathed. I noticed. My thoughts drifted to the Emmaus road passage in scripture. I thought about how those walking did not recognize Jesus beside them. But I knew that Jesus was with me in that moment. So I imagined myself walking with the figures in the passage and wondered what I would have asked Jesus if I knew it was him. “What is your invitation for me, Jesus?” After a few moments of silence, and continuing to walk (physically on the nature trail, and in my imagination - on the Emmaus road), Jesus replied “I’m inviting you to be slow”. Hmm. What a simple invitation. But one that actually is really challenging. So I am extending that invitation to you. Consider how Jesus may be inviting you into the slow life. :)

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