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August 2023

Try Something New

The Earth is shifting, the wind blows in a new season, vacations end, the academic year begins, the moon changes positions in the sky. We can all feel this month of transition, as we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn. In the spirit of newness, I'd like to invite you to try something new in your spiritual life. Perhaps you are a very organized and structured person, who has very specific spiritual disciplines to which you adhere. What about pressing pause on those for a week and embracing spontaneity and playfulness??? Perhaps you are a "go-with-the-flow," "let's just wing it" type of person. What about selecting one or two stabilizing prayer practices and adding them to your daily routine??? Below are some resources and prayer suggestions. Feel free to try them all, or select one that challenges you to try something different than usual.

Soul Friend Listen to this podcast episode and learn about a fresh perspective on an ancient form of soul care. This is a great listen for those who yearn for a profound and meaningful relationship with another Jesus follower. Anam Cara w/ Fr. Foye Belyea - SELAH Commonwealth

Listen & Move Maybe your mind needs a break from being overworked. Turn on this tune and literally shake free of anything that's holding you back. Let your body move freely to the music. Allow the lyrics to be your prayer. As your body moves, you will release stress and baggage, creating a pathway to rest in the safety of God's presence. In Your Midst - Allie Paige

Tracking Your Emotions If you're like me, you may tend to shy away from emotions, or rather, need extra practice to engage them. Or maybe you are very attuned to your emotional state and the emotions of others. This new app is fantastic!!! It's beautifully designed, scientifically driven, and FREE. You can check-in with your feelings throughout the day and share them with only friends you want to see them. How We Feel

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